The Music of Rivers End

I always choose music that fits with each book. You can dig in and listen to the sounds of Rivers End 🙂 xo CJ Hunt

Dark & Stormy by CJ Hunt

Dark + Stormy features two couples, with their stories interwoven the way their lives are connected as all four characters work in the same building, and are friends. But each couple has their own distinct story, so it seemed right that they each get their own song.

This first song (Tuesdays by Jake Scott) is Maddy + Dawson’s song, and it’s all about how love is in the everyday stuff—not just in the big moments. And I love Dawson’s desire to be there for Maddy and the baby. His choice to be a family is strong and intentional. 

For Kelsey + Jason, I chose Start of Something Good by Daughtry. It’s all about that moment where you realize that if you had the courage to dive in and try a relationship, put yourself out there and be honest about your feelings that it just might be the start of forever. 

Trick or Treat by CJ Hunt

In Trick or Treat Mona is crushing on the hot guy next door… just like in this video 🙂 I also totally love the cameo in the video where they’re all done up like a romance novel cover. Seemed entirely appropriate. And the scene when she’s passed out on the ground in the video mirrors the book… roles reversed. Fortunately, the book ends slightly differently than the video 😛

Oona by CJ Hunt

Besides the fact that I just LOVE this song, it’s exactly how Oona is feeling throughout this book. She’s trying to be brave enough to let Sam in and know the truth about who she really is. Something that’s scary for everyone—especially if we’ve been hurt before. Plus, this video? It gives me all the feels and makes me want to go dance in the street. 

Wedding Bells by CJ Hunt

This song makes me feel the way I feel about Jenna and Isaac together in Wedding Bells 🙂 I put it on repeat when I was trying to picture the wedding at the end, and how they’d be feeling. So many stories in this video too… 

Tipsy by CJ Hunt

I was in after the first few bars of this song—totally sounds like Lucas talking about Shannon in Tipsy. He takes care of her that New Year’s Eve, and he’s all in way before she realizes what’s going on for her. This video makes me cry. Just sayin’. Consider yourself warned. All the feels ahead…

Maybe by CJ Hunt

In Maybe both Lucie and Daniel are keeping up appearances in their own way, and they have to be brave enough to connect on a deeper level. This song and video were the perfect blend of outer poise and inner emotion, and I love the two voices blending. They come together at the end, once they open up 🙂 

In Maybe I needed a birthday song, something for Lucie and Daniel to dance to. This was playing in the background the whole time I was writing as it’s such a great beat. Since they share a birthday, and the lyrics are perfect it totally worked. I even make a mention to it in the book as “the coolest birthday song he’d ever heard…”. Well, here you go!

The List by CJ Hunt

This song was one that I picked for The List because it brings to mind Connor, once he’s realized how he feels about Selina and he’s hit that dark point where he doesn’t think it’s going to be okay because the mistakes he’s made have cost them their chance at happiness. He’s got regrets, and just a bit of hope that maybe he can change her mind…

Merry by CJ Hunt

I loved this song the first time I heard it, and it was the perfect thing to get me in a Christmas mood when trying to write Merry way before the Christmas season LOL. It’s a great pairing for the scene at Dillon’s dad’s place when he’s acknowledging that Merry’s all he really wants for Christmas! And I like that it’s not a traditional Christmas song, because Dillon’s not had the greatest of relationships with the holidays.

Reindeer Games by CJ Hunt

I LOVED the Mariah Carey version of this song (Okay, fine. Still do. Judge away.) and since Love Actually was one of the winning clues in the Reindeer Games trivia contest how could I NOT pick this song? Add in the awesome video elements of the Hugh Grant storyline in the background which I adore… and here we are.

Silver Bells by CJ Hunt
I’m not sure this one really needs an explanation 😛 But I loved this version because it makes me think of a barbershop quartet singing in the snow outside a lit up window of a small town store. Red brick, and twinkling lights, and only the occasional car… it seemed perfect for Silver Bells and Christmas in Rivers End!


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