Hi, I’m Crystal.

Writer-in-residence for Rivers End
Hey neighbour! I’m a lifelong fan of stories where everyone gets their happily-ever-after and have been a voracious reader of everything romance since I was tall enough to reach my mom’s bookshelf. If there is a dash of mystery, suspense or magic in the mix— that’s my catnip!
As CJ Hunt I write small town romance with plenty of heart, humour and a dash of heat. Maybe a little suspense or magic thrown in for good measure—but always with strong women, good friends and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
As Jean Hunt I write Cozy Mysteries seasoned with romance because I love the puzzles and clues and a super smart badass woman who can see what others don’t and solve the mysteries—while working on that happily ever after part.

“Yes, I write kissing books.”

  • Heat
  • Heart
  • Magic
  • Suspense
  • Chocolate

Want to get in touch?

If I’m hanging out on social media it means I’m not writing. Neither of us want that. Your best bet if you’re trying to get in touch is to JOIN THE BOOKCLUB, and you can just reply to the welcome email. Or you can send me a good ole’ honest-to-goodness direct email.

I’m trying to hide from all the spam bots out there (EVIL, they are!) so you can use the address below, but use the @ symbol instead of (@) and a . instead of the (dot) and make it all one word. Sneaky spy games, eh?

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