If you like sweet and sexy contemporary small town romance, then you’re in the right place!

Most people would consider these stories “sweet” romances as there is plenty of emotional depth.

As far as the heat levels—there is a range from sweet to sexy—and I’ve done my best to give you a sense of where each book falls in the descriptions (click on a cover to read more about that title). There is occasional “language” in the books as well—so if you’re looking for clean and wholesome romance these might not be the best fit. 

While ALL of my books are woven into the fabric of Rivers End, the stories also stand on their own unless they’re marked otherwise.

Rivers End Romances

Tipsy by CJ Hunt
Reindeer Games by CJ Hunt
Wedding Bells by CJ Hunt
The List by CJ Hunt
Maybe by CJ Hunt
Dark & Stormy by CJ Hunt

Rivers End Romances with a Touch of Magic

Trick or Treat by CJ Hunt
Merry by CJ Hunt
Oona by CJ Hunt


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