Snowed in with a surprise house guest… what could possibly go wrong?

The List by CJ Hunt

Where does this story fit into the Rivers End world?

This is the first story in the O’Donnells of Rivers End series. It can absolutely be read as a standalone. 

Selina is so organized (woman after my own heart) but there is more to life than work and it takes the sexy (but oh-so-frustrating) Connor to bring a little welcome chaos to her life.

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xo CJ Hunt

When SELINA PETERMAN arrives in Rivers End one stormy night, it’s disorienting enough to discover she’s inherited a house. But when she learns that the house is filled to the rafters with junk—and uncomfortable family secrets—all she wants is to clean it, sell it, and get the heck out. No problem, except that she’s about to meet the biggest complication of all: the gorgeous caretaker who’s living there.

CONNOR O’DONNELL knows he shouldn’t get involved with the sexy granddaughter of the man he’d looked up to for so long. He’s not sure he’s even ready for a relationship, and getting involved with someone he knows isn’t going to stick around is risky—if not outright stupid. But with the snow falling outside and Christmas on the way, it’s all too easy for the two of them to stay inside and play house. It’s only for a few days, right?


HEAT LEVEL: Mostly sweetness, not very spicy.

LANGUAGE: A bit of swearing, when it’s called for.

MAGIC: Nope. Just the regular ole’ magic of Christmas and second chances.


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