A ‘sweet with a touch of heat’ fake-relationship, holiday romance. (Warning: contains the Cutest. Dog. Ever.)

Reindeer Games by CJ Hunt

Where does this story fit into the Rivers End world?

Reindeer Games is technically book 3 in this miniseries (to avoid spoilers!) but it can absolutely be read as a standalone.

We first meet Eli in Silver Bells. Jenna’s brother doesn’t exactly come across as a nice guy… but it’s possible there’s more to his story than we know from that first introduction.

I fell in love with Ginger’s badass-with-a-past, feisty self and the two of them needed each other to get that HEA they so deserve.

Happy reading,

xo CJ Hunt

GINGER LEWIS knows from personal experience that the world is full of bad and dangerous people. She’s been lucky enough to escape her rough past and cherishes her stable work family and lovable bulldog, Max. And she knows better than to try to rescue a stranger in a snowstorm. Especially one with a chiselled jaw, perfect stubble, and 1001 secrets behind those icy blue eyes.
ELI MURPHY, on the run and temporarily homeless, should be glad to spend the holidays stuck in the woods with no cell reception and no one who knows him. The isolation will allow him to regroup and plan his next move. But between the festive atmosphere, cozy cabin, and tempting fake girlfriend, Eli finds himself fantasizing about a future he doesn’t deserve. As the Reindeer Games draw to a close, he will have to come to terms with his mistakes or risk losing Ginger—and the chance to make a real home in Rivers End.

HEAT LEVEL: A little more than just a kissing book!

LANGUAGE: There is some stronger language in this one.

MAGIC: Just the magic of Christmas!


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