What happens when the lights go out in Rivers End on New Year’s Eve?

Dark & Stormy by CJ Hunt

Where does this story fit into the Rivers End world?

This story was born when our power was out in a huge windstorm during winter break. I sat in a room lit with candles, huddled in my cozy blanket and let Maddy and Dawson, and Kelsey and Jason tell me their stories.

This one can be read as a standalone… although if you find yourself curious about what else was happening around town that night you can read Elfed. The ending of Elfed is the same New Year’s Eve as Dark & Stormy takes place!

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xo CJ Hunt

All bets are off when the lights go out one dark and stormy night in Rivers End…

The Maker’s Market New Year’s party is the most important night of the year for event planner MADDY JONES and her best friend caterer KELSEY ARMSTRONG. But they’ve got things well in hand… until a power outage plunges everyone into darkness.

Never mind professional catastrophe—Maddy’s suffering a worse fate. She’s stuck in the elevator with the building owner, DAWSON SELLERS. He’s a reminder of the loving relationship she might have had.

But for Dawson, Maddy is strictly and heartbreakingly off-limits.

Down in the kitchen, Kelsey sees the blackout as a curse, but sexy artist JASON THORNE sees it as a chance to get into the sassy chef’s good graces. She’s convinced he’s out of her league, but he’s ready to show her just how beautiful she really is.

Total darkness might be exactly what these four friends need to step out of their comfort zones and take a chance on love.

Because for a building without power, there sure are a lot of sparks flying on this dark and stormy night in Rivers End.

Dark & Stormy is a short and sweet romance novella which braids together the stories of two different couples—both couples get their own HEA. It’s a standalone story woven into the world of Rivers End.

HEAT LEVEL: This one is very sweet, no steamy scenes here.

LANGUAGE: If you were hosting a huge New Year’s Eve party and the power went out, you might let the odd cuss word slip out too!

MAGIC: We can really blame all the strange happenings on the weather this time.


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